Monday, February 18, 2013

Zang-Organ Spleen



Spleen is located in middle energizer, below diaphragm, left to the stomach. Spleen is connected with stomach through membrane and meridian.

Physiological functions:
In charge of transportation and transformation
(1)promoting  digestion and absorption of food, transportation of essence

(2)absorption, transportation and regulating of water essence

 Controlling blood:
Spleen qi controls blood circulating inside vessels without bleeding

Physiological character:
   1. in charge of ascending nutrients

Desire for dryness and aversion to dampness;
  • water essence spreading
  • spleen transport
  • dry spleen is basic condition for regular transportation and transformation

Some relations between spleen and other organs and tissues

  • constitution is muscles, in charge of four limbs
  • opens to mouth  and manifestation  on lips
  • emotion is thinking
  • clear saliva from spleen essence, watering out from the corners of mouth


  •  spleen communicating  to late summer(the summer solstice—the limit of  heat) 60 days.
  • last 18 days of each season.

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