Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zang-Organ Lungs


  • Lungs are located in thorax cavity
  • covering on the heart. 
  • It has two lobes, left separating into two, while right into three. 
  • Throat is the gateway of lungs, nose is the orifice of lungs 
Main physiological functions:
1. In charge of qi and breath
  > In charge of breath air;
    Lungs is the place for air exchange. Through respiratory function, lungs can breath in fresh air, breath out turbid air, to accomplish gas exchange between body and external environment.
-Physiology: opening and descending
-Pathology: fullness, cough,asthma
 > In charge of vital energy (Qi)
in charge of formation and movement of vital energy.

2. In charge of water metabolism
  “regulation of water passage”

                                          ''Lung is the super source of water''

   3. Meeting with all the vessels, coordination
    -  Meeting all the vessels;
     through opening and descending,lungs function on air exchange, and send fresh blood to whole body by hundreds vessels

 - In charge of coordination;
keeping  coordination to maintain regular respiration qi, blood, and body fluid

Physiological characteristic
1- Lung as florid canopy:
a. It is known as “florid canopy”, locating in the thorax cavity,covering on the five Zang and six Fu organs,occupying the topmost position

b. lungs occupy the topmost position promote water metabolism, so it is called “the upper source of water”

c. Covering on the five Zang and six Fu organs, lungs open defensive qi to the superficies for protecting body from evils attack.

Delicate organ

a- Physiological angel:  lungs is clear and empty organ, easy to be full when breathing in, and easy to be empty when breathing out. It is florid canopy and the meeting place with vessels
b- Pathological angel: Cough, short of breath, hemoptysis,
c- Therapy angel: Light and clear herbs to be used for opening and dispersing, which over-cold, over-warm, over-moisten, over-dryness are not possible.

- In charge of opening and descending:

Some Relations between lungs and other tissues and organs

  • manifestation  on skin and skin hair
  • opens to nose 
  • emotion is worried(sad) 
  • body fluid is running nose
  • lungs is communicating to autumn

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