Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to induce Ataxia?

Ataxia induced by cerebellar injury in mouse.
The experiment focus on the symptom caused by one side of the cerebellar injury, in order to induce the relationship between the cerebellum and muscular tense.
The functions of the cerebellum:
        1.balance the body
        2.coordinate the motor activity
        3.control intensity of muscle contraction

The cerebellum injury will lead to ataxia, as fail to achieve complex functions, lose the control of proper direction because of sick trembling muscles, walk staggeringly

1. Equipments: Operating table, contton thread( several),  surgical equipments
2.Object: mouse

1.Fix the mouse on the operating table 
on abdomen, then binds the limbs with 
threads (We can knead its tail as well as 
seize its ears and skins of the neck 
avoiding being bitten)

2.Cut open the skins of the head along 
the middle parts and clear the muscles 
attach to occipital at the same time. We 
can find the cerebellum through the 
transparent cranial bone.

3.Stab in either side of the cerebellum and 
destroy it with probe(needle), be careful 
not to do any harm to mesencephalon, then 
stop bleeding.

1.Be carefull of holding the head of the mouse and acoid bitten. Proper strength must be kept in mind for support normal breath and prevent from pressing the eyeball, and the same strength in separating the muscles for less injure.

2.The probes should not stab extremely deep and only destroy one side of cerebellum, do not touch the mesencephalon.

Questions just to review yourself:

1.How many area are there in the cerebellum, what are they and their functions?
2.Please tell the mechanism of various symptoms brought by one side injured cerebellum.

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