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Viscera and Manifestation

Viscera and Manifestation

 Basic Concept 

Viscera, manifestation, communication with nature 

Including five Zang-organs, six Fu-organs, extraordinary  fu organs

> outside manifestation   of physiology and pathology

> natural things communicating to five system

integration of viscera and manifestation

CM deduces the function of viscera through outside manifestation mainly, which is called “knowing the internal from observing the exterior,” or “inducing viscera from checking up the manifestation.”

 Difference between V&M

 integration of constitution and function >> heart, inverted lotus flower before blossom, in charge of
                                                                          heart vessels and mind.
concept of anatomy >>>  heart, liver, spleen, eye, ear, nose.

Characteristic of V&M

Human is an integrated body taking five-zang as a center.

Taking five-zang as a center,” internal Zang-fu organs connects to limbs and joints externally” through meridians and collaterals

Liver—gall bladder—tendon—eyes--nails liver system
Heart--small intestine—vessels—tongue--face heart system
Spleen—stomach—muscles—mouth--lips spleen system
lungs—large intestine—skin—nose—pelage (hair) lung system
kidney—urinary bladder—bones—ears—hair kidney system

> Integrated body taking five-zang as a center ;

The physiological function of five Zang relates closely with mind (emotion).

liver stores blood, while blood houses ethereal soul
heart stores vessels, while vessel houses mind
spleen stores nutrients, while Ying houses intention
lung stores qi, while qi houses soul
kidney stores essence, while essence houses will

Stay Tuned for more knowledge..!!

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