Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zang-Organ Heart


It looks round in shape and sharp at lower, similar to lotus flower before blossom

Physiological functions:

 1. In charge of blood and vessels:
-Heart qi dominates and regulates blood circulating in the vessels, nourishing and moistening.

  • Normal: heart Qi strong—coordination—regular heart beating—not fast, not slow.
  • Abnormal: heart Qi weak—imbalance of y-y—irregular heart beating—loose nutrition—palpitation, fullness in chest, cardiac pain, purple lips, thread and choppy.

2.Heart houses mind:
     Commanding whole physiological function of body governing whole mental activities of body.
- Broad mind—the master and general manifestation of human body’s activities;
- Narrow mind—indicating different mental activities including spirit, consciousness, thinking, emotion,and etc.
- Relations between “in charge of blood” and “houses mind”

that is what we called in CM heart is “organ of monarch”, “root of life”, “ master of five Zang and six Fu organs.

 Physiological character:

Heart is Yang organ characterized as smooth and clear.

>Situates in chest, pertains to fire, yang within yang.
>Promotes heart beat, warming whole body, keeps excitation of spirit.

>Free blood circulation is the root of heart vessels. Heart yang warming and promoting, heart yin keeping quiet and inhibition.
>Clear is the key to heart mind. Heart yang promoting and inspiring, heart yin keeping quiet and controlling.

Some relations between heart and other tissues and organs:
  • constitution—vessels, manifestation on face
  • opens to tongue (meridians , blood, taste, speech)
  • emotion is enjoyment(normal stimulation)
  • body fluid is sweating(heart blood, heart mind)
  • blood and sweating have same origin  
  • fear consumes essence 
  • manifesting  as sweating
  • heart is communicating to summer
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