Friday, February 8, 2013

5 fat burning foods


So,what is actually fat burning food!
Essentially a lean type of food contains vitamins,minerals and other nutrients, to promote fat burning inside your body.
I am giving an example of 5 fat burning foods,there are tons of other!
I am not giving you any specific order and I am sure most of them will surprise you.

Here we go

1- BERRIES (Blue berry, rasp berry, black berry, straw berry etc etc
  • Packed with vitamins,antioxidants and natural sugar for a bit of zing or taste.
  • Packed with dietary fibre (which help in regulation, absorption and digestion of sugar and carbohydrates.Thus help in reducing fat)
  • Helps to regulate sugar.So, NO BLOOD SUGAR SPIKES.
  • Prevent insulin spikes which normally  lead to fat storage.
Buy: Organic,fresh berries,Frozen berries are cheap and convenient.
Avoid: Tinned berries with added processed sugar/syrup.

  • High in protein,fiber and fat-leaves you feeling full,stops cravings.
  • Zero sugar,no insulin response natural,essential fats that promote fat burning hormones.
Buy: Raw nuts, mixed nuts.
Avoid: Dry roasted,salted etc.You're looking for the unprocessed variety.

  • High in soluble fiber-slow energy release, low insulin response.
  • Helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Help to flush out bad fatty acids.
Buy: Rolled oats and steel rolled oats-which is little bit expansive.
Avoid: Instant, flavored,sweetened varieties.

  • Organic,grass fed red meat is high in omega 3 fats (which is necessary for optimal health).
  • Perfect ratio of food vs bad fats- the opposite of grain fed mea.
  • High quality, easy to digest protein reduces junk cravings, helps to build muscles & repair cells.
Buy: Organic,grass fed- free to graze open field.
Avoid: Grain fed,mass produced,battery animals.


  • The yolk contains all of the fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.
  • Also contain 90% of the the vitamins and minerals.
  • True free range animals contain 10x more omega 3 fatty acids than farmed hens.
  • Great source of usable protein.
Buy: The eggs from organic, free range hens.
Avoid: 100% grain fed,battery farmed eggs.

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