Friday, May 3, 2013

Beauty tips for healthy skin

Walnuts hold alpha-linolenic acid which is an omega-3 fat that helps lubricate the layer of skin that keeps it moist. Just a 1/2 ounce serving gives you all of your daily recommended serving of ALA. Studies show that eating walnuts around dinnertime can also help you get better beauty sleep!

Dark chocolate is high in flavonoids which can rejuvenate your complexion and give you smoother, softer, hydrated skin. It can also increase the blood flow to the brain for up to 2 hours after consuming. Some even suggest that may reduce the risk of dementia later in life.

Kiwi fruit contain high vitamin C levels that even out skin texture and fight damage and when scrubbed on the face, they act as tiny exfoliators. The best ways to use them? Slice them and apply or mash them into a paste that can be left on to improve your complexion.

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