Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Beauty Tips

Everyone wants best look. And the skin is the first thing that other people notice about you.
There are different skin types like;dry, oily,normal and combination. Each type requires special
care respectively. However, because of overload of information on beauty today, it's no wonder many of us are in a state of confusion.
Some are born beautiful and other grow to become beautiful. Looking attractive and beautiful is everyone's dream.

Here's some advice for you to stay beautiful:

1-Wash your face regularly:

  • Wash your face at least twice a day (but no more than thrice) with a cleanser that suits your skin.
  • Select your cleanser depending upon your skin type (dry, oily, normal or combination).
    You can also choose aloe-Vera for cleansing. Be careful not to cleanse too often.
  • Avoid: never wash your face with water that's hot or too cold, as both can cause broken capillaries.

2-Exfoliate regularly:

  • Firstly you should know what is exfoliating? Exfoliating is the removel of oldest and deadly skin on the outer most surface.
  • It helps replenish the required oils of the body and removes dry, dead skin cells and dirt from the face.
  • Try to exfoliate at least once or twice a week.


  • A basic law of beauty is that everyone, no matter what skin type, should moisturize.
  • As it is important to maintain the skin's moisture content, you should use a moisturizer daily.
  • Even more special care should be taken in winters, as the skin tends to become dry fast because of the cold.
  • So in winter, you should massage your body twice or thrice a day with moisturizer.


  • It is probably the most essential component of one's skincare regimen.
    Wrinkles, which are the number one sign of aging, are triggered by sun exposure.
  • So it is essential to make use of sunscreen from your early years.
  • Don't forget sunscreen even in winter!

5-Lips Protection:

  • Chapped lips can be your worst nightmare.
  • They hurt a lot and they don't look good.
  • You should apply a lip balm or oil or gel on your lips so that they won't chap out.


  • If you are sleep-deprived, your skin will look sallow, dull, tired and saggy.
  • A well-disciplined routine and at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night are important for good skin.

7-Drink lot of water:

  • Water has its own importance to maintain good health and overall cleansing.
  • If you drink at least seven to eight glasses a day it keeps your skin hydrated.

8-Healthy Diet:

  • Diet also affects the skin, especially the vitamins.
  • You should eat vitamin-rich food items such as oats,avocado other fruits and vegetables.
  • Concentrate on vitamins A and E in proper amounts.
    What to avoid?
  • Stay away from oily, greasy food as it can lead to the onset of pimples which give ugly look of you.


  • Exercise regularly. Exercising makes you sweat a lot and in the process your skin cleans itself.
  • It also helps you excrete waste and take in fresh oxygen.

10-Steam or humidifier:

  • Steaming or humidifying will help you regain smoothness of the skin.
  • In winters, the skin becomes drier, so a humidifier becomes necessary to refresh your skin.

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